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The Process from start to finish

Understanding Your Staircase

Before even considering a stairlift we need to establish if you require a straight or a curved stairlift. If your staircase is a straight run of steps with no angled steps then the chances are that you'll be needing a straight stairlift. If your staircase has any angled steps or bends around any corners then you'll be needing a curved stairlift. Contact us on 02920 868096 and we will arrange to come to your home and carry out a free no obligation survey. 

Straight Stairs

Curved Stairs

Establishing just what you need

With a wide variety of lifts available it is important for us to establish the lift that is going to be most suited to your requirements. Some lifts offer the choice of being able to sit or stand and others offer solutions to access problems, such as hinged rails. Some offer different upholstery colours. Weight limits and the level of your mobility issues are also a factor, so here at South Wales Mobility we will do our absolute best to make sure that you are making the right choice.

Heavier user seat

Stand up perch lift

Other factors to understand

There can be occasions where doors or other openings may become obstructed by the fitting of a stairlift and would create a hazard. For this reason there are a number of add-ons that will enable clear access, such as motorized hinge sections on the track and even tracks that slide out of the way of doorway when the lift is not in use. We will always make sure to provide you with the correct setup for your home during our free no obligation survey.

Hinged track

Sliding track

So what stairlift do I need ?

Once we've carried out our survey and obtained a good understanding of your personal needs we will then provide you with a list of stairlifts we feel will best suit your needs and wants.

 Getting it fitted

Modern stairlifts usually require no modifications to your home. They are fitted to the staircase treads, not the wall, they are screwed directly onto the stair treads and any adjoining flooring or landing.

Our engineers will install your lift with the utmost of care, to ensure, wherever possible that there is no damage to your existing fixtures and fittings. We are able to use ,in most cases, your existing electrical supplies, requiring only a socket to plug the low voltage charger into. If your lift installation should require the fitting of any additional items such as hinge control units or wall mounted remote call stations, our installation engineer will discuss with you where the most suitable position will be and get your agreement as to how it will be mounted.

Most straight stairlift installations will take around 2-3 hrs, curved lift installations typically take around 5 hrs, depending upon complexity.


Aftercare Support

All our lifts come with a minimum 1yr fully inclusive warranty and an end of year service inspection.

After your initial warranty period there is an option to purchase ongoing maintenance cover, to keep your lift in tip top condition, this includes breakdown cover, parts and labour. Our breakdown attendance times, when covered by the maintenance plan, is within 24hrs, however should you have the unfortunate need, our telephone hotline will advise you on how to get the lift functioning again.