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Your Ultimate Destination for Premium Mobility Scooters

Discover a world of enhanced independence and unrestrained movement with our exceptional range of mobility scooters. At South Wales Mobility, we recognize the significance of maintaining mobility, and we are dedicated to enabling individuals all across the United Kingdom to embrace life to the fullest, irrespective of any mobility constraints they might face.

Why South Wales Mobility Stands Out:

Diverse Selection: Our extensive array of mobility scooters caters to a wide spectrum of needs and preferences. Whether you're in search of a compact travel-friendly option or a rugged all-terrain model for outdoor exploration, we have the perfect scooter to meet your requirements.

Uncompromising Quality: We take immense pride in exclusively offering mobility scooters of the highest quality, sourced from reputable manufacturers. Each scooter adheres to rigorous standards, ensuring not only durability and safety but also optimal performance.

Expert Guidance: Selecting the right mobility scooter can be a daunting task. Our team of seasoned experts is at your service, ready to assist at every step. From deciphering technical specifications to identifying the ideal fit, we're committed to making your decision-making process as seamless as possible.

Customer-Centric Approach: Your contentment is our primary goal. Your comfort, safety, and convenience are of utmost importance, and we strive to exceed your expectations. Our customer support team is readily available to address any queries or concerns you might have.

Comprehensive Post-Sale Assistance: Our commitment to you extends beyond the point of purchase. We provide thorough post-sale support, including maintenance advice, servicing, and access to spare parts, ensuring your mobility scooter remains dependable for years ahead.

Whether it's navigating through busy urban streets, relishing the serenity of the countryside, or effortlessly completing daily errands, our mobility scooters empower you to embrace life's escapades. Regain your autonomy, stay socially engaged, and explore your surroundings without constraint.

Peruse our online catalogue, make informed comparisons, and select the option that resonates with your needs and preferences. Embark on your journey with South Wales Mobility today, and rediscover the transformative potential of unhindered mobility!

For any inquiries or assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly team. Your pathway to enhanced mobility begins right here.

A small selection of our Mobility Scooter range...

eFOLDi Lite Mobility Scooter

Revolutionary design makes the eFOLDi Lite our lightest, most compact and easy-folding scooter ever made. Weighing only 15kg (without battery), it's easily portable and can fit comfortably in a small car or on public transport.

This ultra lightweight scooter can fold and unfold in seconds, meaning you can travel in no time. While being ultra lightweight, the magnesium alloy frame makes it sturdy enough to carry 120kg and will last you years when cared for properly. Discover all the features of this ultra lightweight mobility scooter.

Motion Healthcare - Airium Mobility Scooter

Lithium battery technology and a lightweight Aluminium chassis making the Airium the lightest pavement scooter on the UK market. With its 25 mile range and 21.4 stone weight limit the Airium offers the size, comfort and performance of a pavement scooter at the weight of a much smaller car boot scooter.

The powerful 250w motor, large 9” wheels with super soft tyre compound combined with the larger padded seat and delta handlebar, ensure when on long journeys you are as comfortable as possible. The Airium really is one of the best all round solutions available for both long journeys and travelling.

Easy disassembly into 4 pieces, the heaviest piece is just 13kg.

Motion Healthcare - Evolite Scooter

Combines the innovation of both an Aluminium chassis and Lithium battery technology, making it one of the lightest scooters of its kind on the UK market. It easily disassembles into 5 lightweight easy to handle pieces, the heaviest of which weighs just 10kg!

The Lithium battery pack weighs just 3kg and offers a range of up to 9 miles per charge as well as being within the CAA’s regulations for safe air travel. With the comfort offered by the soft tyre compound, delta handlebar and extra thick seat padding the Evolite really is a perfect all round travel companion.

The large 8” wheels and powerful 250w motor allow the Evolite to perform impressively.

Motion Healthcare - Lithilite Scooter

The Lithilite range adds innovative Lithium battery technology to a high quality, tried and tested design. The Lithilite offers up to 15 miles range with a lightweight 4kg battery pack. The Lithilite Pro goes even further, with a 30 mile range (the longest of any car boot scooter) and only a 5kg battery pack. A smaller battery pack is also available which complies with the Civil Aviation Authority’s regulations for air travel.

Both the Lithilite and Lithilite Pro can be disassembled easily for transportation and are fitted with all-round suspension, giving an impressive ground clearance. The long and flat floorpan and adjustable tiller also allow generous leg room and the soft grip tiller handlebar make for an amazingly comfortable ride.

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